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Land Sales
We’re all about land. Whether hunting, outdoor recreation or timber and land investing, we bring our land focus, experience, knowledge and network to the table for land sellers and buyers.

Timber Land Investment
Land investment is the purchase of land with the primary goal of earning income from the purchase. Land investment does not mean that you can’t enjoy and use your land investment, in fact that is one of the unique qualities of investing in land.

Hunting Lands
There are a wide variety of Hunting Land options from leases to purchase. We concentrate on land management that allow users to maximize their land, hunting and recreation enjoyment.
Brokerage - Resources

Timber Sales
Timber sales and brokerage has been our main stay service for over 17 years. To date we have brokered and sold over $60 million of delivered forest products for timber owner clients in West Virginia. To do it right for your land and your wallet you need experience on your side.

Timber Appraisal
Know what you have before you consider any sale of standing timber. If you don’t know what you have and what your options are then you are immediately at a disadvantage in the market. Our appraisals are straight forward and tell you exactly what you need to know to move forward.

Mineral Sales
Energy markets are up and keep moving upward. Mineral acreage is speculative but the returns can be significant if the mineral resources are developed. Our data systems contain all mineral parcels in West Virginia. For mineral speculators ask us about our services.

Oil and Gas Leasing
Your oil and gas lease is a valuable resource. Let WV Land Group help you determine the best plan for leasing your resources.

Management - Land

Land Agency & Property Management
To manage your land to its maximum productivity and your maximum enjoyment our land agency and property management services can help owners turn ideas into opportunities, enjoyment and income.

Wildlife & Habitat Management
To maximize the enjoyment and use factors of forestland property our wildlife and habitat management services can turn a normal property into a wildlife and hunter’s dream. It all starts with a land evaluation to evaluate current conditions and potential. A management plan is then implemented to set plans and objectives to action.

Public Use Planning
For publicly used lands we incorporate use goals and bring nature and diversity to the users. Most use plans start with a managed and planned trails system to bring the land and its multiple attributes into full fold for the users. Forest, fauna & wildlife are evaluated, analyzed and then planned and managed for optimal use and enjoyment by users.

Management - Resources

Timber Inventory
Timber must be inventoried as it stands before it can be managed, appraised or sold. We have inventoried hundred of thousands of acres of standing hardwood timber in West Virginia.

Forest Management
Forest management is a broad (often unclear) term and goal that is often used by the forestry community. We prioritize your management based on your individual goals and objectives for short and long term ownership plans. Managed forestland is an excellent investment and can produce great satisfaction, enjoyment and a lasting legacy for you, your children, grandchildren and your land.

Information Services for Owners

Newsletters & Quarterlies
Our newsletters provide pertinent information on timber markets, forest management, land use, wildlife & habitat management.

WV Hardwood Monitor & MonitorPlus
These products & services make getting your necessary hardwood inventory & appraisal information clear, concise & within a reasonable budget.

Our TimberMAP service adds a land & mapping component to your timber evaluation.

Oil & Gas Information Services
Our oil & gas information services provide a critical information link for mineral & surface owners needing to know more about oil & gas activity in a specific area.

Hunting and Forestland Sales
Our WV Hunting and Forestland Sales Prospectus is a unique approach to buying and selling land in WV. For the seller, we can quickly place your property in our network. For the buyer, we have the "Make An Offer" option.

Information Services for Professionals

The Orangebook Series
The Orange Book is our premier land & resource data systems product that provides instant portable geographic, surface, and coal parcel mapping & land ownership data.
This web site stores & delivers statewide land book data for all surface and parcel ownership in WV.

Oil & Gas Information Services
Whether speculating, procuring, surveying or abstracting, our oil & gas information services will save countless courthouse time & hundreds of drive miles.

Printing & Publication Services
Our printing & publication services are geared to the land professional & their specific deadlines & needs.

Enterprise Systems
Lock into the full power, productivity and the opportunities provided by our mapping & data systems.

The Natural Resource MLS
We are currently seeking oil, gass, coal, and timber owners to add to The Natural Resource MLS

Product Highlight
Hardwood Monitor Plus
Get your necessary hardwood inventory & appraisal information clear, concise & within a reasonable budget.
Click Here for details.

For mineral owners in a boom cycle the fact that information is powerful is an understatement.  With our information services platforms we provide this valuable information for mineral owners.  Our basic package for owners is mapping and data for producing wells in a specific area surrounding the subject property of interest.  The maps provide the locations of the surrounding properties in relation to the subject ownership and also the general locations of producing oil and gas wells in relation to the subject property.  Data also includes lessee and lessor information regarding each well in the report. 

Armed with this information mineral owners can now know what is going on in their “oil & gas neighborhood” and begin to analyze their lease and development options based on this specific information. 

The WVLandGroup has also teamed with a leading Oil and Gas Consultant company to begin conducting informal town meetings and workshops regarding oil & gas lease potentials for owners and improving oil & gas development activities and planning on the land. 

To learn more about our oil & gas information services for owners click here.